Improv Critique: March 2

This is the second class show for my latest improv class and I’m only gonna critique my parts. The format of this show was, walk around and dump three thoughts, do a monologue, repeat the previous two steps, then do two person scenes with the same person for two scenes, then do anything


0m54s Add details of the airline name, the company name and the hotel name

2m12s Look up more when speaking

3m22s I need to stop coming out on the first scene EVERY time

3m59s I could’ve focused more on his sneaking in plot and less on adding more information, move things forward

5m02s Should’ve focused on us as expert speakers to bankers on money laundering

7m29s Funny

Part 2


0m37s I should’ve talked to them instead of just giving them the sign, I should’ve talked about the laundry thing

1m03s Not terrible for being put on the spot

1m09s Should’ve cut back from ancient China to current day or some future time

3m35s I was confused where I was and came up with something

3m48s I’m not sure if I was supposed to be the same character as before, so I just went for it

4m16s After “stranger” I could’ve said “just call me Bob”

Part 3


1m08s No idea what that was supposed to be about

3m35s I’m confused what’s going on, I should’ve given “dad” a reason to walk away instead of looking like a dear in head lights

3m58s Good job going with the avante garde dance thing

Overall: I was confused in a lot of scenes and didn’t commit fully to what was going on, and I questioned premises instead of assuming whatever the other person was doing was brilliant. Basically, I improv bombed: no strong “yes and’s”, no strong initiations and I didn’t commit to characters fully.

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