Ben Releases His 5th Comedy Album “Geopolitical D*ck Jokes”

I’m excited to announce my fifth comedy album!

Available on: Spotify | Apple Music | Amazon Music | Deezer

Here’s the trailer:

Here’s the official description:

With 100 million+ views on TikTok, Russian-Jewish immigrant turned stand-up comedian Ben Rosenfeld raises the bar in his incredible new comedy special “Geopolitical D*ck Jokes.”

Dirty and nerdy, witty and observational, Ben’s joyfully dark jokes cover such hilarious topics as the Russia-Ukraine conflict, near-death AirBnBs, his bilingual toddler’s use of language and his wife’s inability to let him sleep in peace, with d*ck jokes as the cherry on top. And of course, every Ben special also has some crowd work and improv with the audience.

Get it now on: Spotify | Apple Music | Amazon Music | Deezer



“You’ll not only learn something new, you’ll gain an edge for future geopolitical debates, especially if they involve d*cks”

-Joanna Rapoza from Rise Up and Write

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