No More Performance Critiques

After four years of posting my nearly all of my videos and performance critiques online I’ve decided to no longer continue doing so. Here’s why:

  • There’s been little to no interaction between my visitors and I about the performance critiques. Given the lack of response after four years, posting the videos has become too time consuming to continue. When I started, I was on stage 3-4 times a week. Now it’s 15-20 times. That’s time I can spend on other comedy things.
  • Diminishing marginal returns. The more I do it, the less beneficial detailed analysis of each and every performance becomes. I still plan on watching all my videos and making notes where applicable just while on the go instead of only while at the computer.
  • Doing this consistently has made me overly results focused, and not enough process focused. While careful review improves comedy, it leads to me having less fun on stage as I start thinking about how to grade the performance while I’m up there, which leads to worse results on stage.
  • I want to start getting booked more, so I want fewer “less than stellar” videos around. I’ll still post some new videos on the site but less frequently.
  • I’m still gonna leave my critiques on my site, but I will no longer link to Performance Critiques from the front page.
  • Generally speaking, it seems few people want to watch a 7 to 20 minute stand up video on the internet that isn’t from a TV broadcast. And the people that do want to watch, don’t want to watch the same comedian day after day. Fans much more appreciate 30-60 seconds of something funny instead of a longer pieces.

Other thoughts:

  • I still highly recommend reviewing all your videos
  • I haven’t run into someone not booking me by having these videos online, but then again most of my bookings have been through people I already know, not cold calls. It’s possible (but not sure how likely) that someone was gonna book me but never contact me after watching the wrong critique.
  • My site will still be updated regularly, but with content that I think is more interesting to others: Book quotes from interesting books I read, clips of my sets and new jokes and interviews with comedians.

As one last video share, take a look at my first time on stage (July 1, 2008) compared to now June 30 (2012).

First time ever:


June 2012:


Performance Critique: June 29

The 8pm show, light crowd


1m30s Say “shit is getting real” instead of “uncomfortable”

4m33s Try to get back into the material smoother

8m22s Good job pushing the crowd interaction

Overall: Material struggled but the crowd work went well and I did a lot more of it than I usually do.

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