Performance Critique: June 20

The first Saturday night in a while where I only did one show


0m41s Longer pause before putting my hand on my hip

1m13s That was a good, long pause before continuing that elicited the laughter

2m27s Jenny likes this isn’t necessary, or a funnier person needs to be brought in

2m31s Ask “do you know what button you push to break up?” instead of telling them

2m47s Get rid of the Columbia House line

3m55s Add a “dot com” after “why the hell are you at my door?”

5m15s First time I remember the description of Saw ever getting a laugh before I say “that’s your first date”

6m29s Wrong tone for “I don’t mean to give the game away”, it should be more of a “whoops” tone

Overall: Very solid set that was getting laughs throughout. There’s a couple of newer lines that need to be changed, but overall it was good.

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