Performance Critique: June 21

This is me hosting the writer’s mic, sorry about the bad camera angle


0m13s I think it’s a funny line, even if it’s not stand up funny

0m45s Stumbling over words

0m50s I should have quicker movements when switching between two characters

1m15s Whenever you gotta explain a joke, it’s not a keeper

1m38s Terrible story with no punch lines, cut it

2m28s There’s nothing like working a joke out on stage

2m47s Cut “the amount” it should just be “twice the toys and twice the neglect”

3m10s Make the English word drag out longer

3m58s No need for “shit trenches”

4m52s Russian accent needs to be even stronger

5m02s Say “help me” more scared

Overall: The family stuff has promise but needs to be tightened, the first minute of jokes can be thrown out

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