Sketch Comedy: Critique of My Acting

These are more sketches from the intensive sketch class show I wrote and performed in. We had about four hours in two days to memorize and practice the sketches.

I’m critiquing my acting as best as I can, as I’m not very knowledgeable in the matter (and this was a writing class).

Firefighters (written by Hannibal Buress)

0m26s I could look a little more emotionally distraught and in shock

1m04s We need to all stand still until the lights dim

2m41s I think the previous few lines are hysterical in a really messed up way, and the audience should’ve been dying from laughter

3m16s I should keep my hand shaking this whole time

Overall: I didn’t have many lines, but the ones I had were passable

Baseball Interview (written by Tom B)

0m19s Baseball players never talk this fast and I’m not excited enough for having just hit a homerun

0m32s I thought “the whole cross thing” would get a laugh, but it came off like I just forgot a word

0m43s I should wait until the announcer thanks me to leave

1m31s The “pitcher” did a better job in his interview

Overall: I was too worried about getting the lines right that I didn’t fully invest in the character. Luckily, I was just the seutp for the big punch line, so it didn’t hurt the sketch.

Job Applicant (written by Mikhail Page)

0m07s Terrible object work with taking a can of pepsi out of a non-existent briefcase

0m49s Pause for a second after “Oh, Cathy?”

0m58s Pause for a second after “I was hanging around here” to make the creepiness of the situation set in

1m32s Stumbled over the words a little, didn’t need “messy” a second time

Overall: We both should have slowed down a little and if I had more time I’d figure out a way to make my character come off as creepier through his physical motions and voice tonality. I thought there were more punchlines than were the audience laughed.

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