Performance Critique: June 10

This is a show at a bar, there were four people watching the show not counting comics.


0m29s I love how the TV is still on in the corner

1m18s Forgot to do “if you do that” before “then you got huge tubes.” And yes, I know this is redundant, but this is what happens when I look at twenty videos in a day after I haven’t had a chance to watch any in a month.

3m25s The “you’re looking at me” line needs to go later, after the face paint punch line, and it needs to be made funnier

4m27s If I’m gonna insist on saying the “think yearbook photo” line, I should pause and laugh after saying it

6m18s It might be worth trying “or cause I’m lazy” as a second punch line

7m40s I forgot I used to do this economy joke until I just rewatched the video (August 4th)

Overall: It was good to get a longer set, and I may have found a new punch line that I should try out.

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