Performance Critique: June 12a

Back at Broadway Comedy Club


0m41s It should be “people find out I do stand up” and not “I do comedy”

1m13s I missed saying “If you do that” before “then you got huge tubes”

1m27s I convinced the group up front to come to the show and they asked that I make fun of them during my set, meth dealer was the best I could come up with

2m10s I need to pause longer between each word of “it… costs… money”

2m45s This is currently my favorite one liner joke

3m13s I’ve since learned not to go with all 3 lines about the homeless girlfriend unless the audience laughs at the second one, or else they start to dislike you

4m46s I get more laughs when I say “that shit is demasculating” not “that is”

5m22s I love when all three punch lines at the end of my set get a laugh

Overall: This was a really good although short set. The jdate joke could’ve hit better, and I shouldn’t have done all three lines of the ex girlfriend on the street.

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