Performance Critique: June 09

I MCed this show for 4 people


0m34s This is not a good joke to open with when MCing

1m15s This guy was asking the waitress before the show “What happens if I get kicked out before I get my second drink”

1m45s The elementary school joke is officially retired

2m02s This guy loves talking, he actually got worse as the show went on

3m58s Hysterical when the audience member tells you to pay attention

5m15s I missed saying “if you do that”

6m12s Who isn’t paying attention now… too bad I didn’t use that line on him

6m54s I love when the call back doesn’t hit

Overall: It’s tough to MC for a crowd of four, especially when one of the four wants to heckle the whole time. I think I did a good job not being phased by it though and I learned that I should go with a different opener in this situation.

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