Performance Critique: June 07

This is the writer’s mic.


0m33s Rephrase to “Doctor’s say stress causes herpes outbreaks” – it’s less wordy

1m09s The elementary school line worked the previous night at a bar, so I decided to try it out

1m40s This isn’t set up right

1m49s The comics laugh at “learned English from a VCR instruction manual” but when I tried this in front of real crowds, they don’t seem to get it

2m19s I should say “Thankfully” instead of “Thank god” as there’s more “th” and “f” sounds

3m42s Such terrible improv that’s it was almost funny

Overall: The first few new jokes did well, but then my hangover kicked in. Apparently, drinking doesn’t effect my comedy the night I’m drinking, but it definitely effects the next night’s comedy.

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