Performance Critique: June 06

I MCed this show after some day drinking.


0m20s The closer the crowd is, the easier it is to get laughs.

0m55s A better response to Detroit is “Oh, that’s a carload of fun”

1m28s That was terrible, but at least I apologized for the corniness right away

2m21s True story, I was at the beer garden all day, I love this job

3m28s I missed saying ‘If you do that”

3m48s Pretty good transition if I may say so myself

5m14s That bearded lady line doesn’t work, but I found it funny when the audience suggested it the previous night

5m37s I didn’t deliver this correctly. There should be a pause between each word: “It…. Costs…. Money!”

6m32s New joke seems to be working pretty well

7m17s No need for the words “a little bit”

8m05s Usually I’d address new people if they walk in during my time MCing, but they came in as I was finishing up my last joke

Overall: I did my job as an MC, talked to the crowd a bit, got some laughs and got the crowd warmed up. Also, this is the first time I’ve seen a tape where I’ve been drinking where I didn’t seem to do any worse than if I was sober. I don’t plan on making this a habit, but it’s nice to know I can do stand up in any condition.

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