Performance Critique: December 29

A music and comedy mic


0m16s No need for that start, I’m the only one who’d find that funny

1m22s Try “Barrack Obama” instead of “The New York Times”

2m07s Repeat his “okay” before “that could be kinda fun”

3m16s Instead of “always stay loyal to us” it should be “ONLY stay loyal”

3m45s Deliver this line seductively

3m52s This line doesn’t make sense here

5m45s Cut this whole girl at party story

7m05s Instead of “everything is great after that” I can say “it’s gonna be a fantastic year”

8m11s Smile a little while doing the poem

Part 2


0m38s Only sing the first line of the song, no need for the parody

0m55s Do the guard pole motion multiple times

Overall: I’m reworking some older jokes, and they still need work.

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