Performance Critique #7: Jan 18

This is my set from an open mic on Jan 18.


My comments:

0m42s I’m not sure if my new version of the subway joke is working. I found that the audience would grown when the third crazy thing would be “a used condom over my ear” but they don’t seem to laugh about the crazy political mumblings. I need to keep writing and brainstorming “crazy signs”.

2m01s The “deaf audience” and “hearing aid” portion of the egomaniac joke work, the girls wanted to do me isn’t that strong

2m05s Try doing all 3 online dating jokes in a row

2m16s Stare straight and don’t move for 3 seconds after “again”, this joke takes people a little while to get

3m23s Never say “where was I?”

3m49s Instead of “and make me identify people” say “and make me identify her friends by name”

4m18s I put up one finger at the wrong time, fix the timing

Overall: I think I “sway” and look down when people aren’t laughing. This happens at open mics much more often than at audience shows because it’s harder to get laughs from other comics. I just need to keep working on maintaining positive body language at all times, no matter what. Basically, really embrace the mindset that if they’re not laughing, they’re deaf. Also, fix the subway joke.

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