Performance Critique #6: Jan 17

This was a bringer show with a good sized audience. If you’ve been following my videos, you’ll recognize a lot of the jokes, but notice how much better a real audience reacts compared to a room full of comics. This is why I’m trying to move away from open mics as soon as possible.


My comments:

First 27 seconds Again, my computer is too slow to edit videos, the quicker I get paid on a consistent basis, the quicker I’ll buy a new computer and edit videos for your viewing pleasure. I really like the introduction of “he’s adorable… and then he opens his mouth” because the audience is already laughing.

0m42s You can’t see it too well from the video angle, but I opened my mouth wide and pivoted my head. I should do this slower and make sure to rotate from all the way to the right of the room to all the way to the left of the room while my mouth is still open, then say “I’m still adorable”.

0m56s I gave the audience a look like “what you don’t think so?” which got extra laughs, I need to make sure to always do this

1m15s I think I can just say “happy new year” and go into the joke, no need to talk about the hangover.

2m12s Watching this video for the third time, I just realized how hysterical it is that I went from being sorry about my girlfriend to asking about dogs…

2m28s I should say “you send your dog to a spa” not “you send them to a spa” because I just referred to kids as well.

2m48s Keep my head up and looking into the audience when I go down to talk to the dog. I looked up halfway into the line, but should do it the whole way.

3m52s Finish the “sweater loving bastard” line but say it in a more low key way, like I’m resigned about the person.

4m12s This joke can be tightened by getting rid of all the extra and simply saying “I got into stand up because I’m an ego maniac who can’t share the spotlight. It was either this or tennis… and I can’t play tennis drunk.”

5m26s More emphasis on “three times”

5m31s Put up one finger for “only works once”

Overall: I think I had a great first 3.5 minutes. I’m not sure what I did wrong with the “recognizing faces” joke, as that bombed completely. I really like that joke (because it’s based on A LOT of truth) but need to rewrite it so the audience can identify with my problem better. I can’t tell if my eyes were looking up the whole time, but I did stop swaying.

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