DC Comedy Is Not New York Comedy

For my day job, I’m going to be in Washington DC every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night for the forseeable future. Before accepting this role, I checked to see that DC had some sort of comedy club show or random open mics going on during the weekdays. I was pleasantly surprised to find a whole website listing the on goings of the comedy scene in DC and Baltimore that seemed to be regularly updated.

I found a Monday mic online, emailed the contact person, got confirmation that it was still going on every Monday and so I went to it. I got there 10 minutes before show time (which was 20 minutes later than the email advised) and 4 other comics were waiting outside. The place was closed. Welcome to DC.

 And of course, this is the only mic in DC on a Monday night…

In other news, I know I owe everyone a week’s worth of performance critiques. I didn’t go on vacation, I was just too busy performing to upload and critique my videos. Maybe missing this mic will let me do that right now.

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