Performance Critique #5: Jan 16

Due to the regular host being sick, I got the chance to host an open mic. This was my second hosting experience and I had a lot of fun. I only videotaped my introduction, but I tried to make jokes based off of each comic’s set, and I think it went pretty well. My favorite part was after someone complained I was giving very generic introductions like “he’s really funny”, etc, I started coming up with over-the-top fake introductions for the remaining comics. I think everyone enjoyed it. I also got the feeling that at an open mic, comics laugh more at your jokes when you’re hosting the mic.


My comments:

0m50s Stumbled on words a little.

0m55s More emphasis on “not being coy.”

2m24s Make sure to say “dot com” after “Big Ben Comedy.”

2m44s Make sure to say “dot com” after “Big Fraud”.

2m50s Try “by Bernie Madoff” instead of “by a Jewish securities lawyer.”

3m03s Use a girlier voice for “Let’s go over my place, but we’re not gonna have sex.”

3m40s No need to say “I’m gonna write about this” just go straight to “I’m gonna do stand up about this.”

5m30s Sorry that I attached a bunch of non-joke stuff at the end, I need a better computer to do proper video editing… so if you only wanna watch the jokes, tell your friends about my site and even better, come see a show.

Overall: Good job getting the audience clapping in the beginning and interacting with them. I still need to work on my side to side “swaying” (although I always stop for the punchline) and looking up at all times.

4 Replies to “Performance Critique #5: Jan 16”

  1. Hate to be a stickler, but you know “demasculating” isn’t a word, right? It’s just “emasculating.”

    Also, have you thought about doing some posts on methods for standup you’ve learned? That way, people could read about the subtleties you’ve picked up along the way.

  2. Oh, and telling cool/crazy stories about your nights as a standup would be great, too. I know I’d love to hear about weird hecklers and funny stories from backstage or whatever.

  3. Hey Charlie, thanks for your comments.

    I know “demasculating” isn’t a real word, but I think it’s a funny non-word to use which helps to further my story in ways that “emasculating” or some other real word wouldn’t. I actually was inspired to use this term from another fake word I heard a Philly comedian use, “de-black-ifying”.

    I know poets have poetic license so I hope comics get a little “comedic license.”

    I will definitely write some posts on methods for stand up… as soon as I learn them 🙂

    Great idea to write about the hecklers and the backstage interactions. I promise to post about that soon.


  4. Haha, ok good. Wanted to be sure – I’ve actually heard people say “demasculating” and not known what they said was wrong : )

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