Performance Critique #4: Jan 14

Here is my set from an open mic on January 14th. As always, your feedback is welcome.


My comments:

0m15s Stare into the crowd longer to let the joke roll around. Also, consider moving the “it’s impossible to make a bad first impression” to the end of the entire “can’t recognize faces” segment.

0m27s Not sure if I should continue with the wrong words or stop myself like I did… either way, it’s best to use the right words the first time.

0m37s I keep looking down with my neck and eyes after every punchline. Does anyone have any tips or know any drills to stop this from happening?

0m57s Try putting more emphasis on “makeover”.

1m07s Take a pause between “Ben Rosenfeld dot com was taken” and “by a Jewish lawyer”.

1m21s After “child molester dot com” try saying “but I decided to go in a different direction” instead of “I want to do bar mitzvahs”.

1m32s First “big” should be in the same voice as the previous “big”s, second big should be drawn out “biiiig”.

1m51s Say “five bucks a pop” not “five bucks a piece”.

2m05s Received feedback that I should use the Jets instead, since the Giants at least made the playoffs. The feedback might be right.

2m17s Smile after “American Beauty” so the audience is sure that’s the punchline as this joke takes a few seconds to get.

2m30s Get rid of “I got winded going up the stairs today, I think I should join a gym” and go straight into the joke. This joke may not work because I’m not fat looking enough. Try it once more just in case.

2m48s I forgot my first punch line because I moved them around earlier. More practice needed.

3m17s Make “money” more drawn out like “mo-neeeeey”.

4m22s Other comics suggested I add onto the end of the Eli Manning joke. “He’d only hit half the nails.”

Overall: I really need to figure out a way to keep my eyes and head (chin) up at all times. I think I’m gonna remove the subway surfing joke because it takes too long to get to the semi-decent punchline. And I’m considering not using the women like gyms joke. My “not being able to recognize faces” (which is true, my girlfriend had to make a PowerPoint of what her friends look like) needs to be written clearer. I need to polish the website name joke because I want to end all my real performances with that joke as a way to get people to remember my website, go to it later, and start to build a following.

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