Comedy Critique 37: Feb 25

This was an open mic with 2 audience members.


0m18s I don’t actually hate jews. And I am a jew. I was just playing with tension. 

0m31s I need to deliver this differently… I’m still figuring out the how… and maybe I should use the word “scared” instead of “concerned” when starting this joke, even if they’re not. 

2m55s I rushed the delivery. 

3m54s It doesn’t get any more wordy than “That is not how we educate our childrens youth about what not to do.” Something like “There’s a better way to set an example for kids” would be easier on the brain. 

6m15s For some reason I’ve been getting tongue twisted recently with “I think she was overestimating”, I have no idea why. 

7m17s Things go wrong in threes… 

7m44s I was only talking about comedy technique because the only 2 audience members were new comics who just hadn’t heard my material yet, I’d never go into it if there was a real audience there. 

9m58s I have a second video that goes on for another 20 seconds but it’s not worth making this post longer for it. 

Overall: This was good stage time. The newer stuff needs more practice.

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