Comedy Critique 36: Feb 24

I hosted an open mic after a Mardi Gras party that had about 10 people in the audience. I pulled in the 4 chatty girls that are sitting up front. That’s 9 overly engaged audience members in a row.


1m32s The subway joke works best if I first beatbox while I grind the pole, then go into my crazy voice for the second time. 

2m18s There was no need to finish my subway joke at that point. 

3m56s When I asked if purple held special significance, I was thinking about making a Barney the Dinosaur joke, but decided against it because the girl was a little chubby… 

4m48s I hope I haven’t scarred you, my reader. 

4m58s I should again repeat that she’s on it, and heighten by saying she’s the number one rated dater or something. 

5m51s This is the second time someone has mentioned a dead or dying dog. I still don’t have a good way to address this and am open to suggestions. 

5m55s Accusing them of lying is not a good way to go about it.



1m03s Great job calling out what just happened. When I was watching this video I thought “I hope I said something about that “yeaaaah”” 

1m23s She bought me a shot so I drank and introduced people



0m38s Funny cause its true

1m20s I should’ve replied to the comment of “they’re both fruity drinks”. 

Overall: I did okay hosting but had a talk with the owner later about how to be a better host. You can find that post here. I plan on using these tips and being a better host next time I do it. 

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