Comedy Critique 38: Feb 27a

This is the place where I bark, there was about 12 people, 6 of them were one of the comic’s English as a second language students. 

0m48s The bit about robbery might have to be cut, or I should just save it if I ever get to perform at The Apollo. 

2m17s Good job finally keeping my hand cupped and open for a few seconds after the joke. 

3m19s Either I sucked tonight or the crowd was really dead. Usually I’d blame myself, but my pacing was good and I don’t recall any other comics I watched getting big laughs. 

4m28s I took an extra long pause before my punchline because the door opened and it was noisy outside, you can hear it on the tape. 

4m56s This crowd wasn’t laughing or listening or I was really bad. It felt like I was practicing my stand up at home. 

Overall: I didn’t realize how few laughs I got until watching the video. Now that I think about it, I do remember the emcee doing material after my set, which is always a sign that you really sucked. So I bombed without realizing it. Reminds me of the whole when a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it… except I was the tree and the ears in this case. I guess the overall takeaway is never to trust your reaction when you come off of the stage.

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