Comedy Critique 35: Feb 22

This is my regular Sunday open mic. Usually it’s just comics, but this time there were 4 or 5 actual audience members.


0m24s I wanted to try almost all new material, so I decided to go with one of my most reliable jokes to start the set 

1m01s Change the word order so the punchline is at the end “Instead of George Washington, I’d rather be Tom Collins.” 

1m25s If anyone laughs when I say “because my comedy career is going places” it could be funny to stop, turn to them surprised, and say “Wow you’re a dick.” 

2m05s My BigBenComedy.com jokes needs to be rewritten to be much shorter, or funnier. 

2m21s I need to follow up “it wasn’t my girlfriend” with “it was the girl with a boyfriend who I hooked up with last week” 

2m51s If I practiced explaining what happened more, then this might actually be funny. 

3m23s I keep looking down and to the chair because that’s where I put my notes. 

3m49s I should commit to this bit even more and go more over the top. A white boy like me trying to rap is hysterical in a “laughing at you” way. 

Overall: Most of the newer jokes have promise, they just need to be reworked. Otherwise, the set was decent. I don’t always get a chance to practice my new material outloud before getting on stage and I need to work on not letting that happen.

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