Comedy Critique 34: Feb 21B

This show had about 12 audience members and the five most disruptive that were up front were all the people I had managed to pull in off the street. They weren’t nasty hecklers or anything, just a little overly interactive especially with some of the comics before me… 

1m53s I need to think of a way to use this as part of my routine. Something like, “There’s two types of people, those who love their dogs, and those who look at em and say, “Hey, at least they get fed.” 

2m01s From their nervous laughter about kids locked in the basement, I should’ve kept going with this, asking them about their malnourished children and such. 

2m25s Many times a small response to a heckle is more effective than a big blow up. Everyone behaved themselves from this point on. 

2m44s I need to keep my hand out there longer 

4m48s Emphasis should be on “snuggle slut” not on the word “the” 

Overall: I think I did a good job with the small crowd and not getting thrown off by the audience interactions

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