Improv Class Show

In July I took a four week intensive improv class: 3 hours of improv Monday thru Friday for four weeks. Below is the video from the class show. We did two longform pieces. The Armando, where everyone plays the same character throughout the whole piece, and the Speed Harold where your characters can change but can also return. (Longer posts are coming explaining long form improv in more detail.)

I’m not going to do a second by second critique of my performance, but my general critique is I should’ve been getting into more scenes. My improv skills are in need of lots of work.

If you watch this whole show (about 42 min), you might as wellmake it a drinking game: Everytime that I break character and laugh, you drink.

Armando Part 1

Armando Part 2

Armando Part 3

Speed Harold Part 1

Speed Harold Part 2

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