Performance Critique: June 24a

Opening a 2pm graduation show


0m33s Connecticut character needs more body language

1m33s Used “good” way too often in the past few sentences

Overall: Strong short set, could’ve ended on a stronger line though

Performance Critique: June 23

Opening the 8pm show


6m29s Try adding “guys, if the girl you’re with laughs at that, get a pre-nup”

9m42s Emphasize “you’ll” more

10m43s Always nice to hear an “aww” when I say I gotta go

Overall: Decent for going first, but not great.

Performance Critique: June 22a

The 8pm show


0m30s Good job starting with stuff that’s in the moment

2m35s Try air quotes around “nightmare”

6m33s Pick one person to ask, preferably someone I last talked to

Overall: Good set, could’ve finished stronger though.

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