Performance Critique: June 28b

An 830pm bar show


0m35s Crowd work to material needs a smoother transition

2m45s If a couple isn’t married, it might be funny to ask “why not?”

Overall: Decent but shouldn’t have closed on that last joke.

Performance Critique: June 28a

A 7pm basement show for like ten people


2m53s Could’ve focused more on this bit of info from the audience

3m42s Good job being in the moment to acknowledge it

4m31s Smoother delivery here

Overall: Ok not great. Could’ve pushed for more crowd work when I found out about the guy not signing a prenup the second time.

Performance Critique: June 26

Going last 2+ hours into a show


0m40s Have a joke response line for when I learn where they’re from

2m35s Do the wet dream line to a younger audience member before the czar line

8m12s Good job with the crowd work and continuing it for a while after they said something funny

9m40s Open eyes more

Overall: Mediocre material wise, good crowd work wise.

Performance Critique: June 24b

Opening a 4:30pm graduation show


0m31s At least try a “oh, we used to be neighbors” before going into the bit, or don’t ask the question

1m44s Tighten the commentary about the audience here

6m18s Hit that last line harder

Overall: Strong short set, too many questions of the audience for only 6 minutes though

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