Performance Critique: May 20

In DC again and hosting for two  or three people.


1m39s I’m being low energy even for my usual persona

2m16s My tonality was all off on the “paid to drive a NASCAR”

4m16s I’m finding that a three to four second pause after “that takes tits” helps the joke get bigger laughs as it’s unexpected

4m51s I’m not really sorry

5m39s There was no reason to stop the flow of my joke to crack the “they beat me line” especially when it wasn’t a major punch line

7m14s Tighten this to “girl from the circus” no need for the “used to be”

8m12s The line “some people don’t realize there’s some photos you shouldn’t put there” should sound a little more pissed off

8m29s Change the Halloween outfit line to something funny

9m04s Going to a basement sounds shadier than jumping into an orgy, my element of surprise was ruined

Part 2


1m16s Look higher and to the back when I’m doing my act out

1m50s Pretty good intro to introduce someone after you say their name, makes it funny in an anticlimactic sort of way

Part 3

I decided to do a few jokes between comics for no good reason


0m31s And here’s my punishment: This is the first time I’ve forgotten a whole joke on stage

0m44s I love the “rewind time” feature and how nobody ever minds

0m53s Wow, this joke isn’t working out

1m01s At least I’m not panicking

1m08s And the save worked, a forgiving crowd of three

1m50s True story

Overall: I got to work through a longer set but it’s hard to judge most jokes when it’s a crowd of three people. Either way, I got to experience blanking on a joke while being in the middle of it, but I reacted fairly well.

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