Day Career Change

I don’t mention this much, but for the past three years my day job (or “day career” as I like to call it) was being a management consultant at Accenture – a Fortune 500 consulting/outsourcing firm. (A great video parody of Accenture is here, and check out the immortal consultants vs ibankers video.)

Anyway, June 1st was my last day at Accidenture.

Starting in September, my new day career will be as a PhD student at Caltech in Neuroeconomics. That’s right, I’m going to be taking 1/3 of the pay for three times the amount of hours, and I’ll still be pursuing comedy full time as well. Should be an interesting five years in LA.

This post was my roundabout way of saying that I haven’t posted in a week because I had to return my previous PC to my corporate overlords and the Amazon delivery took longer then expected. And now, back to comedy business as usual.

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