Performance Critique: March 31st

This is back in DC.


0m29s Kill the good looking Tom Cruise joke 

0m54s Throw in an “I get it” after the “Halloween costume” and try to reword it a little bit 

1m27s Previous comics and his friends made fun of him about this, so I called back to it. I’m not just picking on audience members for no reason — although the bigger a group, the more they love it when someone in their group gets picked on, when its in fun at least 

2m02s Add “and 30 seconds to escape” 

2m12s Get rid of the abandoned warehouse line 

3m19s Good job giving them a second to breathe 

3m53s Need more emphasis on the word “enslave” 

4m44s This whole joke should be tried much shorter: “I make decisions by playing rock paper scissor. I was a paper away from being a brain surgeon. And I was a scissor away from cutting myself” 

5m38s A little more energy on the “if you __” scenarios 

6m42s This was one of the best reactions to the “eat bros before ho’s” line 

7m20s Good job using the audience’s input to keep my joke going 

7m58s Decent call back to end it

Overall: I’m glad the call back is working to end the joke. And the newer jokes need to get tightened as usual. This is of course a lot more obvious after watching it.

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