Performance Critique: March 28th Show 3

This is the third and final show of the night.


0m04s I have know idea what she said as my first name, but it definitely wasn’t Ben 

0m34s I’m not smiling enough 

0m48s I should’ve kept doing the facial expression for an extra second 

1m00s I’m not “enraged” or as “energetic” with this joke as I need to be, the tubes joke isn’t a laid back dead panning joke 

1m40s I like how my little unoriginal retort got a big laugh 

2m06s Keep the hand a second longer 

2m12s Pause a second after “isn’t really laugh” to build up suspense 

2m16s I didn’t smile enough after the line 

3m20s Don’t stutter over words 

3m34s I don’t remember why I decided to get all distracted with people sitting back down and why I said I wanted to drink so bad after 

4m58s Better to start the sentence with, “Have you noticed how…” 

5m33s I’m explaining saw twice, I can get rid of the whole “survive a psycho’s boobie trapped abandoned warehouse” line 

5m57s You can see the waitress drop the checks as I’m in the middle of this last joke. This killed any momentum I had going as the minute after a check is put on a table, everyone stops listening while they figure out the payments 

Overall: This wasn’t a great set but got a couple of good laughs. I was too laid back and didn’t say my jokes with conviction and emotion. It also didn’t help that the checks got dropped in the middle of my last joke.

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