Performance Critique: March 12b

The Friday Night Show


2m18s That’s great

2m22s I should get his name then tell them to clap for him

2m40s I need a better way to get the “so my parents keep talking to me” line across

3m34s Not sure why that line didn’t hit, I delivered it well and paused long enough

4m48s Good call back on him being slow and making it part of another joke I do

5m18s Cut the word “for” out between “given you” and “adoption”

6m10s Good job doing three little jokes about my looks to three different groups of females

7m42s Try changing “three tonight?” to “this week?”

8m12s Smile more when doing this act out

8m33s Stay in the female voice for this last part

9m18s I love how admitting I’m about to cross the line gets a big laugh

Overall: Decent set but it’s weird the whole first part of my mom joke didn’t hit, as that tends to be one of the most consistent jokes. The yelp joke and shoes jokes are working pretty well, and will be even better once I make some more minor teaks.

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