Performance Critique: January 10

The Sunday Writer’s Mic


0m31s Decent one liner

0m40s I should deadpan the delivery more and emphasis “never”

0m58s Say “partners” instead of “hookups”

1m04s No need for the word “array”

1m24s Beers aren’t girly enough, make it cosmos or martinis

2m01s Turn and look at the audience in shock

2m37s Slow down, and stop after “half price”

3m27s Don’t smile at this line

4m22s Not sure I like this joke although it got laughs

Overall: The one liners at the start are good, the yelp joke and shoes joke needs to be a lot tighter but there’s potential. I don’t think I’m gonna keep the dominos joke, at least not in it’s current form.

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