“Nick the Brick”

iMacs are sweet. I realize this isn’t news to anyone but me. What can I say? I”m slow.

I’m borrowing a Mac for the next three months and I started messing around with video editing today. I recorded 3.5 minutes of nonsense while my room mate was hanging photos in the apartment and turned it into (what I think is) comedy gold in under thirty minutes. Windows Movie Maker would have taken me a good two hours or more and been a huge pain. This is my long way of saying I’m now a huge fan of Apple.

Enjoy the video:


One Reply to ““Nick the Brick””

  1. Isnt perspective a funny thing? its comedy gold (to you) because you are invested in the character, to me, this is not funny, trying to force being funny and weak easy crap. im starting to understand why you (seemingly) put alot of time into your website………..
    I would love for you to tell me how this is funny to anyone apart from people who know the subject or are one of your apologist’s.

    Dont give me some larger fly on the wall TMZ or any other weak excuse that its parody or anything, its just plain a waste of time. and i am poorer for having viewed and commented on it sir.

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