Performance Critique: January 4

Monday night show


0m20s There was about 10 people and eight were on one side, and two on the other, so I commented on it

0m53s I should’ve added a second joke about the man date right after that

1m56s Good job doing a long pause, keep doing that

2m12s And they almost have a pulse

2m43s I did the mom lines way too quick, I need to pause after each one

4m30s It’s fun to call out something an audience members does and then watch them do it again (as long as it’s not talking while I’m talking)

5m44s It was a mostly foreign crowd so I decided to explain Medicare, and humorously failed when I couldn’t think of an explanation

Overall: I didn’t have a good set but I did learn to milk my pauses for longer during my opening Facebook joke. Almost every joke only had two or three people laughing (a.k.a 30% of the audience).

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