Performance Critique: December 28

An open mic with five comics in the audience


0m58s Doesn’t make sense to do this if I haven’t done material yet

2m28s Tighten the wording here

2m40s Commit to the harness yank act out

3m17s Say this more seductively

4m18s No need for the word “personally” in that sentence

5m01s Cut the medusa head / web of hair lines

5m33s Keep cutting the material up to here

6m31s Get to this line much quicker

7m10s Stagger backwards first, then fall towards the floor

8m00s Reword this setup

8m16s Pause between “just enjoy the ride” and “the scream machine”

Overall: Worked out some new tags on some old jokes, and most of the new tags need to be cut.

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