Performance Critique: April 4a

This is back in NYC and I was the first comic up in the show


0m37s There’s a better way to phrase this. Maybe “the first night was great, cause I KNEW I’d take her HOME” 

1m17s I’m not excitable enough when I say “tubes” 

1m40s More emphasis on the words “unemployment office” 

2m15s This took way too many words to get to the punch line 

2m50s If the first person hasn’t gotten the dog anything for Christmas, I should try to ask someone else, before saying they’re a terrible person. Then I can look back at them when I say “MOST people love their dogs” 

3m06s I love when audiences find it hysterical that they’ve ruined your joke 

4m07s I need to pause a second longer before “I don’t mean to give the game away” 

6m11s The full sentence, which cracked me up is “it’s federal mandate that every comic has to end their set with a joke about AIDS 

Overall: It was an okay set but the Tibet joke needs to be tightened. It’s not a great set when my biggest laugh was when I said “well this joke isn’t gonna work anymore”

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