Performance Critique 9: Jan 20

This is my set at an open mic on January 20th. I was practicing the same material all week for a showcase on Thursday the 22nd.


0m25s Slightly longer pause before “for blind people”. And I’m talking faster than I should be.

0m35s “Happy New Year” is an awkward transition to “My favorite part about New Years”. I really like this joke and in order to be able to tell it from February to November, I need to either find a way for there to be a reason I’m talking about this in June, or change “new years” to a regular party.

1m12s Emphasize the word “own”

1m50s If the first person I ask about the dog gift didn’t get anything, talk to a second person and hope they did. It makes for a better transition to “people love their dogs”.

Overall: I stuttered in a few places, talked a little fast but I kept my eyes up after the punchlines much more often. I’m also getting less bothered by not getting laughs at an open mic.

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