Performance Critique 10: Jan 21A

This is my first of two open mics on Jan 21. I’m trying to practice the same material as much as I can this week in preparation for my showcase. However, the showcase set is 7 minutes and most of the open mics are 5 minutes, so I’ve been changing up some of the jokes to make sure I practice all of them at least a few times.


0m44s “I just got over my New Year’s hangover” is also an awkward sounding transition to “my favorite part about New Year’s”.

2m00s I pointed a different guy, but the 82 year old comic thought I was talking to him and said “I should turn it down”. I wish his material was as good as some of the comebacks I’ve heard him use when other comics make fun of him about his age.

2m34s No need to say the words “repeat themselves”. I can just say “you notice certain dating personalities repeat themselves over and over”.

3m35s I need to make an expression that expresses “shock” better when I say “everyone in New York?”

3m53s I just wrote this last part of the joke and wanted to try it out. I shouldn’t stutter over words.

4m50s I’ve been toying with the idea of using the audience’s Christmas gift as my example when I talk to the dog, but I screwed up repeating the gift back to them this time.

6m08s Much better look after “that takes tits”

Overall: My pauses were much longer and more confident, and I didn’t look down after punchlines. I can see progress from Monday, but my delivery is still “too rehearsed” is the feedback I’m getting.

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