Performance Critique 30: Feb 17

This was an open mic with 6 to 8 people in the audience.


0m53s I pointed to a specific couple when I said “whipped”. Not sure if that’s a good idea to do, but it seemed to get a laugh here.

1m55s I’m a fan of saying “I’ll pander to the crowd, I don’t give a shit.” 

3m02s I thought I had five minutes, but got the light after three. At open mics, I’m not great with reacting when I don’t think I’m getting the amount of time I should be. It later turned out that this guy gives two minute warnings (for reasons unknown). 

Overall: I enjoyed telling my pot joke. And I need to learn to not react when I get the light earlier (or later) than I’m expecting.

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  1. Thanks Charlie. Lately I haven’t been writing as much new material as I have been trying to polish up and tighten my existing material.

    I like the Buddhist line, but I think there’s a combination of the joke taking a while to get and my delivery not being top notch yet that was causing the joke to fail more often than not.

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