Performance Critique 29: Feb 15

I had a guest spot in Washington, DC on a sold out pro show that featured Robin Montague and Kevin Lee. This was a Valentine’s Weekend special show. I went up between two comedians who’d done multiple television appearance. I loved it.

(The person who taped it didn’t realize he was taping sideways, and my video editing skills (or software) are lacking. If anyone can guide me through how to rotate the clip, I’d appreciate it — I have Windows Movie Maker 5.1 and Canon ImageMixer 3.) 


0m38s I need to look at a specific person when I ask “Do you know why that is?” 

1m25s I’m still trying to figure out why some audiences die at “some people don’t realize there’s some photos you don’t put there” and others are completely silent. It has to mean something in terms of what jokes that follow will or won’t work. 

1m58s That was a great tone for “you hate your dog”. 

2m48s This is one of the best reactions I’ve ever gotten at this part. 

2m53s I love how the guy taping me starts to comment on it. 

4m19s I didn’t have a good follow up yet, so I did a little dance. Better than a dear in headlights look. 

4m40s Video evidence that if I pause long enough for this joke, they will laugh. 

5m16s I didn’t say “actually” the best way that I could. 

6m53s Good recovery after two straight jokes bombed.

6m58s But I don’t adjust and go into my third economy joke. I should’ve known better and moved into different material.

7m40s In addition to my earlier note about doing the pole grind for longer, I should just do it instead of describing it. And try to combine it with the crazy sounds, all without words. 

8m03s I was supposed to do a “tight five minute set” but I didn’t get the light until 7 minutes, so I didn’t close on my regular closer, but I’m not complaining about the extra time. 

Overall: I think my first 5 minutes were solid, but I lost the audience somewhere after that. Most likely at the “still won’t blow you” punch line. This is obvious, but doing sold out or packed shows is so much better than doing 5 or 10 person rooms. I also need to keep working on my subway joke. I may even want to consider turning it into a bus joke, since most of the country doesn’t have subways.

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