Improv Drinking Game: Bitty Bitty Bop

I just completed my first improv class and I liked it a lot. While I plan on discussing basic improv techniques I learned in the coming weeks, for now I wanted to share an exercise we did in class that will make for a great drinking game. 

Numbers of players required: 4+ (best in groups of 8 to 16) 

Object of the game: Get out of the center of the circle / Don’t get into the center of the circle 


Everyone gathers in a circle and one person (randomly) starts in the middle. The player in the middle controls all of the action by pointing and/or looking at a specific person and then saying one of the key words below. 

If the person pointed at does not say or do what they’re supposed to, they switch places and become the new middle person. If the person pointed at does what they’re supposed to, the middle person tries to get out of the middle again. If one of the players to the left or right of the person pointed at messes up, the person pointed at still goes to the middle. This introduces a “F You” element. 

If the person in the middle doesn’t get out, they can point to the same person or someone else, and they can say the same key word or a different one. 

For the key words with five counts, the players on the outside of the circle have five seconds to perform the required action. 

The Key Words: 

The middle person says:

You say or do:

“Bitty bitty bop”

“Bop” before the middle person finishes saying “Bittty bitty bop”


Don’t say anything

“Angel” and counts to five

Put your hands together in prayer while the people to your left and right make wings for you

“Devil” and counts to five

Make demon like growls and motions. People to your left and right of you put devil horns on your head

“Canoe” and counts to five

Make a flute with your hands, howl and the people to your left and right paddle

“Cow” and counts to five

Interlock your hands with thumbs at the bottom, people to your left and right milk you

“Elephant” and counts to five

Makes trunk with your hands, people to your left and right make big floppy dumbo ears on your head

Drink When: You mess up and have to go into the middle 

Hard Core Drink When: The person in the middle says a key word and doesn’t get out. Every time a new person goes into the middle, they take a shot.

Let me know how it goes, or better yet, shoot a video of it and post the link here.

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  1. Skyscraper: Person in the middle of the three reaches high in the air. People on each side bend their knees, going up and down, to simulate elevators…

    Moose: Same as elephant but form a moose nose by putting fingertips to your fourhead and stick elbows out. People on sides holding one hand to side of head to form antlers.

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