Performance Critique: May 22b

Same night, next show, still a small crowd


0m29s I love how it’s loud every time the door opens

0m48s I really didn’t mean it sarcastically, but I guess comics hadn’t done well with this crowd before me

2m02s I love when the door opens on a punch line

2m15s Don’t blink after “it costs money” just stare into the crowd for five seconds

2m35s I love when the crowd punches up my jokes

3m54s I need to pause longer to let the line sink in before I nod my head and smile

Overall: This is pretty close to completely bombing. In some sets I’ve been able to pinpoint where I lose the crowd, but here it seems like I never really had them. Maybe I shouldn’t start with “thank you for the shittiest applause ever” but I thought that was funny.

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