Performance Critique: May 22a

Back in NYC in front of a smallish crowd.


0m9s I’m 95% sure my statement is true. I wasn’t scheduled to go up, but the comic who was left the room and they needed to put someone up. The host asked me if I was ready and I replied “always.”

1m00s I should’ve said “fallopian tubes” stronger

1m27s I could use a little more emphasis on “just five words” to show how impressive that is

2m37s I love how I’m the only one cracking up at my punch line

3m22s Great job thinking out loud (sarcasm) – I shouldn’t think out loud unless it’s funny

4m19s I say “day” and “today” in the same sentence, need to figure out a way to change it up.

4m57s My favorite line of the set… I should reuse this for future sets, after asking someone “Have you ever had to hold someone all night long?” I can say “she just gave you the look of death”

Overall: It’s never a great set when your best laugh occurs when you tell the audience the comic that was scheduled is in the bathroom. I do think I found a new line that I didn’t realize until re-watching this tape. It’s also a bad idea to think out loud about which joke I want to tell next and why.

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