Treat it like a job

After Sunday’s show, a few of us grabbed some drinks and started discussing how each of us goes about writing.

One comment which I can sympathize with was that writing is a “little guy talking to me”. This is what Steven Pressfield would call your “inner muse”. Basically, when you’re sitting (or standing) and writing (or coming up with material aloud), you feel as if it’s someone other than “you” that’s giving you the ideas.

Another interesting thing I learned about writing techniques was most comics there do the standard suggested technique of writing premises down, then coming up with punchlines, then cutting down on words and finding the funniest part. While one comic comes up with punchlines first, then writes the premises. I think I’ll try this method soon to see if it works for me.

The last thing that struck me about the conversation was how a few of the comics put in 2-3 hours a day writing. One said, “If you want to make it, you gotta treat this like a second job.”

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