Performance Critique: September 29

A Tuesday night show that was also a benefit show for people needing wheelchairs in the third world, I was first up. (There are two open mic audio only clips between this and the previous critique.)


0m03s Yes, the MC is Kato Kaelin, he does stand up in LA and is pretty funny

1m04s My face is dong something different with “Igor likes this” because it isn’t getting the big laughs it used to

3m13s The second line with “please” isn’t getting a big laugh like it used to

4m00s I lost the crowd on that one

5m18s That was mean for no reason, I could’ve addressed that better

Overall: A lot of my best punch lines didn’t hit in this set. Some of my jokes come off as mean if I haven’t already established myself as likeable, or if I don’t give a smile right after, so I either need to make sure to smile after every mean joke or I should reorder my jokes so that I’m vulnerable earlier in my set.

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