Performance Critique: March 21st

There was about 25 people in the audience and they were super high energy from the host on so I felt I’d do pretty well.


0m48s One of the women in the front row named a male strip club in NYC (or what I presume is a male strip club in NYC)

1m18s I need to figure out a way to say “because this was the closest I’ll ever get to becoming a stand up guy” more smoothly, perhaps take out a few words 

1m41s This is the best reaction I’ve ever gotten to this joke 

1m54s I should’ve waited another second to let all the laughs end before continuing 

2m40s One woman turned to another and made a large tube motion 

2m44s In the future, if there’s two or more women in a group towards the front, I’m gonna say “This woman just turned to her friend, shrugged and said, ‘your tubes are kinda on the large side’” 

2m49s No clue why this question was funny 

5m11s Terrible transition, I don’t know why I did it 

5m42s Someone in the crowd guessed the punch line 

6m24s I might not need the “that is demasculating” line 

6m58s It’s always nice when the MC references your joke 

Overall: I think this was a great set but I should’ve gone with my backwards dating joke to close instead of the jdate and snuggle slut. It was also awesome because this guy performed right after me.

4 Replies to “Performance Critique: March 21st”

  1. @2:49 – You asked a person if they had a dog, then what they got him for xmas. It’s funny because it’s so ridiculous how you say it, like it’s a completely natural thing to ask someone at the end of March.

  2. @5:11 Dude I just noticed — you said J-Date was an online dating site, but you didn’t say for who. That’s why no one laughed at the “it costs money” line.

  3. Good point on it being weird to ask them about Christmas gifts in March. I just want to interact with the audience a little bit and establish that someone loves their dog. Maybe I’ll try asking “do you usually get them a present on their birthday?”

    And great catch on the not saying “for jewish people” on the jdate joke. When you can find what I missed in my joke better than I can, you’ve qualified to be my manager 🙂

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