Performance Critique: March 18a

An open mic


0m43s I tried making the “announce it on Facebook” a list, I don’t think it works, or I need to get a better first and second items in the list

1m01s Replace “Ivan knew it”

1m07s No need to acknowledge the names

1m57s Pause longer after “alone”

2m11s This whole bit is going too fast and without pauses

3m21s Do “escape soviet Russia” before “climb Berlin wall”

3m43s Remove either “for twelve weeks” or “in freezing rain” to keep the pace and flow consistent

Overall: I did two old jokes but have changed some of the wording and added more tags. The “women Ben is no longer fucking” tag is a keeper, the other tags in the Facebook joke need work. I also need to work on slowing down even if I know I’m only doing 3 or 4 minutes.

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