Performance Critique: March 15b

The music, comedy and magic open mic in Queens, about 8 people in here


0m18s The performer before me had a song “the most unavailable man in the world”

1m31s At bar shows, I try not to call out every time it gets louder, cause it just distracts more people

2m27s This guy looks ridiculous, white beard and all, but he can play a mean banjo

4m50s Put a joke there

7m24s If doing a bar show, try to change “McCoy’s” to the name of the pub I’m in

8m01s Good job redoing the joke for the other girl

Part 2


0m41s I need to add “under any circumstances”

2m46s Pause after “comedies” for another half second

3m12s Be funnier about this, “don’t leave her alone, I’ll get her pregnant by the time you’re done peeing”

3m46s I gotta react to “I’ll see you after the show”

4m26s Rephrase it “I wanna make sure the “photo” has you and the whale”

5m15s I love that the guy is telling me about how a porn site works while his girl is sitting right there

5m32s Good reaction to her “no”

7m57s This is a good place to throw in “I’m following you home regardless”

Overall: I had decent crowd interaction with the three people who were actually listening. I still need to commit to my characters more. It’s always nice to be able to do 18 minute sets, even if it’s at midnight in a bar in queens.

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