Performance Critique: March 13a

A Saturday afternoon open mic


0m30s I’m playing with trying to start dark

1m39s Have the fingers on my hand more relaxed if they’re gonna be resting on my pants

3m18s Stop after “dry freeze bag”

4m24s This first one was supposed to be aol email versus gmail, then a music reference

5m22s That’s funny

5m50s Reword to “a photo at the morgue”

6m22s Have a bigger, more excited smile and act it out as an actual character

6m59s Don’t adjust my shirt right after a punch line, that’s distracting

Overall: The only big laugh was when I confused Sarah McLouclin with The Rolling Stones, so it was a rough set, even for an open mic. Also, looking at my notes ruins my flow and increases the odds that other comics will tune out. I have to try out brand new material somewhere but I should try to know what jokes I’ll be doing before hand so I don’t take such long pauses when looking at my notes.

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