Performance Critique: June 18

Going first on the 8pm show


0m49s I should’ve said “well your shoes are also stupid”

4m22s Say “in a box” instead of “in a ship”

5m30s Don’t go into this bit if the response on other edgier/meaner stuff hasn’t hit

5m58s Tilt my head up more

6m18s Have a bigger smile the whole time

8m08s Good callback to what the audience did before

9m29s Good job getting a laugh on just the look

12m09s Move both hands, not just one

Overall: The set was up and down and the crowd wouldn’t go with me on the edgier stuff, but I was able to keep bringing them back. I need to commit harder to the Blade character and make sure he’s always smiling and darting his eyes, regardless of the crowd’s initial reaction.

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