Performance Critique: July 30

Doing a longer set on the 8pm show


4m58s Deliver “god I hope this works” in a more worried manner

5m20s The idea is there, the wording is terrible

6m01s Delivery sounded forced on that line

6m26s Tilt my head up higher

8m02s Hold my leg on the hammy line

9m29s Don’t screw up the line

9m39s Say two minutes not twenty seconds

10m57s Don’t address the polysci majors thing unless it’s a big laugh

12m14s Really funny improvised play off of what happened in the room

15m09s Be more direct “you’re my favorite audience member” instead of “he’s my number one fan”

15m46s Mess with him for that weird non answer

16m20s Lean forward on “get tested”

Overall: Consistent small laughs but not enough huge laughs.

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